Meet the Brand : A Q&A with Emma of Emma Aitchison Jewelry

Meet the Brand :  A Q&A with Emma of Emma Aitchison Jewelry

 A couple of years ago I stumbled upon Emma Aitchison Jewelry on Instagram and I was immediately enchanted with the organically fluid shapes of her designs.

As someone who is constantly observing and inspired by interactions within the natural world-  a tree bending to grow toward the sun, or the way a field of wildflowers appears to sway or dance when a breeze flows through it - I was, of course, drawn to Emma's affinity for Mother Earth.

She conveys this love of nature through her designs, which is evident browsing through her collection... Fluid and often asymmetrical shapes reveals her interpretations of the various ways nature flows and moves.


 Her connection to and reverence for the natural world goes well beyond informing her designs, which is proven through her commitment to sustainability and very intentional consideration of all the practices in her studio.

Working exclusively with recycled metals, she has a transparent supply chain and partners with trustworthy suppliers vetted for ethics and values. 

Additionally, we are proud to support brands who are able to give back, and Emma Aitchison jewelry gives 5% of sales to Survival International, an organization working in partnership with Indigenous communities to help them campaign, lobby, and protect their land rights. 

When I was working on my brand and getting ready to launch this site, I knew that I wanted to include offerings from other female designers alongside our own and I wanted to share some of my favorite jewelry designers, in particular.

Emma's beautiful work immediately came to mind. Her process and ethos aligns with Here and There's values, and the aesthetic of her jewelry compliments our apparel and accessories nicely.   

I'm proud to carry her jewelry in the shop and love the versatility and accessibility of her creations. I wear the magma earrings (pictured below on Daniela) nearly every day.  

Emma was kind enough to answer a quick little light-hearted Q & A so we could learn a bit more about her and her brand.

Give us some background about yourself – where you’re based and how you got into making jewelry.

I am based in Bristol, a city in the south west of England.
I started making jewelry as a kid, playing with beads and strings... I then did a college course before completing a 4 year degree in contemporary jewelry.
From there I worked in the industry in London, before setting up my own brand. 

 Why sustainable materials? Have you always been eco-conscious?

I think all brands should be trying their best to be sustainable! I personally believe  that all new brands should have their foundations stepped in sustainability and ethical practices, there is no excuse especially with all the information widely available. I have grown up around nature, so yes I suppose I have always had an attachment and respect to protecting our planet in someway.

What does your personal creative process look like?

It is a bit messy and organic, it is never the same! ill perhaps have a sudden spark of creativity and get lots of designs and samples down, and other time it can be a struggle- sometimes you are in the flow and sometimes you are not, the skill is selecting the best items out of all you have created!

I love how each of your designs has a story and evokes such a clear description of nature and the ways nature moves …. Obviously the natural world is an inspiration, but do you design based off a
specific memory or experience or do you actively go out into nature to gather ideas and inspiration? 
The best inspiration is first hand, you can't beat it, so yes I do spend a lot of time in nature, exploring and noticing. Sometimes I will get inspiration when i'm out in nature and other times it may be a few days later.

What do you do to chill out and find some peace during these stressful times?

I try my best to stop working! Being in lock down, running your own brand means it becomes very easy to just work work work, I have really had to make a conscious effort to stop, put the laptop down and have me time.

What can’t you leave home without?

 My face mask! lol

Who are you listening to these days? 

I have been listening to all sorts of podcasts, and audiobooks in the studio this is generally mixed with a rush of uh-oh I need to work faster so I pop on some good music beats!
Reading any books? 

Yes, I have just finished The Shepherd's Life which is a great insight into UK shepherding in the Lake District.

Any favorite artists, designers, authors, or brands that have been inspiring you lately? 

Not in particular, I never seem to have a certain somebody, more like a mix of all!

 Any trips in mind for once it’s safe to travel again? 

Oh so many, too  many! I would be happy to go anywhere !

What’s ahead for your brand - any cool projects or collections that you have in mind or that we can look forward to in the future ?
 I have some new collections coming out this year as well as our series of work called Reconnect which has already started- every Monday on social media we encourage people to go outside and reconnect with nature, as we believe having a connection to nature will help us to want to protect it. We  are also working hard to  become B-corp certified
At Here & There, we're very excited to see what new projects Emma cooks up - follow along on her Instagram.
In the meantime, see our current Emma Aitchison Jewelry offerings, along with a curated selection of offerings from other ethical and eco-conscious brands, here
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