Rang Rang Day Bag
Rang Rang Day Bag
Rang Rang Day Bag
Rang Rang Day Bag

Rang Rang Day Bag

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Handwoven from organic cotton threads by a group of women weavers in Lombok, Indonesia, the Rang Rang Day Bag is a cute, packable shoulder bag.
Reinforced with additional fabric on the handles for sturdiness, this casual bag is a true work of art and emblematic of a rich tradition that is, quite literally, woven into the cultural identity of Indonesia. 


About this product

  • Length = approx 13.5"
  • Width = 14.5"
  • Strap length (from highest point) = approx 14"

In Bali, ritual cloths (called Bebali textiles) are woven in various motifs to be worn or used during a given ceremony or ritual.
Motifs can be unique to a particular region.
The pattern of this bag, called Rang Rang, originated in Bali and was traditionally worn by the women of Seraya in East Bali during Dewa Yadnya ceremonies - which are ceremonies that celebrate or honor the Gods. 
Textiles have played important roles throughout time, as trade goods, gifts, or for special occasions and religious ceremonies.
Many traditions are now at risk of becoming extinct - the prevalence and availability of machine-made fabrics or younger generations choosing to pursue other work because of perceptions attached to weaving are two contributing factors.
Purchasing this bag supports a community of women weavers in Lombok and, in our own very small way, helps to share and promote this beautiful art. 


Spot clean with neutral soap as needed or hand wash and line dry
If you must machine wash, select your washer's most delicate setting on the lowest possible spin cycle