Vintage Huipil Lumbar Pillow - Roses
Vintage Huipil Lumbar Pillow - Roses
Vintage Huipil Lumbar Pillow - Roses

Vintage Huipil Lumbar Pillow - Roses


Made from a vintage Guatemalan huipil with beautifully intricate patterns and detail, this little pillow is sure to brighten up any space. Since it's made from a handwoven textile, this pillow is one-of-a-kind. 

This pillow features an array of colors, but reds and pinks are the dominant ones. This lumbar features pretty handwoven roses at the center. 

Includes insert! 

About this Product

  • Handwoven pillow cover with cream cotton canvas backing  
  • Since this piece is made from a vintage handwoven item, there may be slight imperfections or inconsistencies.
  • Includes custom insert made from cotton muslin and stuffed with pure organic cotton fiber 
  • Free Shipping to the USA

What Are Huipiles?

A huipil is a traditional garment worn by Indigenous Mayan women throughout Central America.  In Guatemala, huipil blouses are typically paired with a skirt called a corte.

The blouses are traditionally woven on backstrap looms and have long been an important part of cultural and social identity. Women wear more casual huipiles for day-to-day living, while the more ornate and intricate huipils are reserved for special occasions like weddings and other celebrations or ceremonies.  Patterns, colors and styles of hupiles vary from region-to-region, so huipiles can be viewed as an emblem of one's community.