High Pile Wool Rugs and Pillows

  • Wool is durable and naturally water resistant!
  • Rotate regularly, especially in higher traffic areas
  • Spot clean with water to treat small stains. For larger more difficult stains, please consult with a professional cleaner experienced with wool
  • Vacuum regularly on the lowest, coolest setting - if the rug is wet or recently spot cleaned, always wait for the rug to dry completely before vacuuming
  • Avoid direct exposure to sunlight 

Flat Weave Rugs and Pillows

  • Avoid exposure to sunlight
  • Spot clean with a neutral, wool safe soap as needed
  • Vacuum on lowest setting
  • If your flat-weave rug has a wrinkles or creases - especially after shipping - you can remove them by ironing with a steam setting. Most irons will have a setting specifically for wool. Be sure to place a towel between the iron and the rug. If your iron does not have a steam setting, sprinkle the towel with water to produce steam. The steam will relax the threads and will help to remove the crease as you gently iron. 

For ALL  Momostenango rugs

  • You can remove plant debris and dirt that becomes dislodged from threads with a pointed tweezer.
  • Looser bits of debris and dirt that becomes dislodged can be gently vacuumed



Rattan is meant to be kept indoors or covered, protected from the elements, when not in use

  • Wipe down regularly, especially after the beach
  • To avoid mildew, always make sure your rattan piece is dry before storing or covering. Rattan will grow mildew or mould if left wet or in a humid environment over time
  • If mildew appears, gently scrub the rattan with soft-bristled scrub bush with a 1:3 ratio solution of vinegar and warm water. Rinse with clean water and dry thoroughly
  • Hydrate rattan at least once a year, or whenever it is looking dry. We like to use a natural beeswax based oil
  • Bits of rattan may shed, splinter, or peel . Simply clip with nail clippers or thread scissors


Ata Grass 

  • Bits of grass may shed or splinter off over time
  • Simply trim with nail clippers or thread scissors

Apparel and Plant Dyed Cotton Accessories

  • Handwash with a neutral soap and line dry
  • If machine washing is a must, please wash on your machine's most delicate setting with a neutral soap
  • Wash apparel pieces inside out
  • Wash any plant-dyed pieces separately or with like colors to avoid possibility of staining due to dye migration