Ethics & Sustainability



We partner directly with artisans, cooperatives, and small family-run businesses. We like working directly with our artisans so that we can build long-standing relationships, provide regular streams of income, and ensure that our products are made ethically. 

We honor the skill, time, and labor that go into each and every Here & There Collective piece by paying our artisans wages that they set - typically up front or, with a 50% deposit before production, and the remaining 50% when production is complete.

Most of our artisans work in small workshops, many directly from the comfort of their own homes.  Indonesia, in particular, is home to a large cottage industry, so we are happy when we are able to support artisans, makers, and designers who can work in their own spaces and set their own schedules. 

Our ultimate goal is to be able to contribute an additional set percentage of every sale to be given back to the artisan or artisan cooperative that made that item. 

All of our artisans are highly skilled and we are thrilled to be able to share their incredible work with you.


Nature is our ultimate muse, and we consider her health with every decision we make. We do our best to be sustainable from the materials we use in our collections all the way down to our packaging. 

All of our handmade items are created from natural materials like cotton or organic cotton, wool, rattan, and grass.   

We never use synthetic materials like polyester or rayon. 

We ship in eco-friendly packaging utilizing compostable mailers or cardboard. The stamps used on our hang tags and promotional materials are stamped with soy-based inks. 

We produce our collections in small batches. The means that we are able to make improvements and adjustments to products more readily, but it also means that we are producing less production waste and have a lower risk of product waste. Small production works for our brand and we are committed to this , even as we  grow.  This makes each piece that much more special.

We will be the first to admit that we are not perfect but we will always be transparent with you.

While we do have a long-term goal of using only natural materials and working within a circular framework, we know that this will take a lot of time and consideration. We will always be transparent and will never greenwash.

Looking Ahead

We try to use natural plant-based dyes as much as we can, but due to the considerable cost this is not yet feasible for our young company.

We know that synthetic dyes are not ideal, but it's not always easy to navigate these issues. 

If we chose only to use plant dyes, for example, we would not be able to produce some of these collections with our artisans. Therefore,  sometimes we are faced with the decision to compromise on sustainability in order to bring work to our partners, while helping to preserve valuable cultural traditions.

Our goal is to continue to improve this as we grow.

We are always learning and are always open to ideas or advice.