Our Story


Sultry nights tempered by ocean breezes.

Flowers and plants ablaze in a riot of color.

The salty air.

The lazy, lilting palms.

Our hearts and minds have long been captivated by the tropics.
It is where we feel most connected to the natural world.  It’s our sanctuary.

And it was in this tropical paradise, on our very first trip to Indonesia back in 2006, where the seeds for Here & There were planted.


Initially brought there for the warm waves, we quickly found ourselves beckoned to the many local markets in between surfs.

Enamored by the painstakingly detailed batiks and colorful ikat textiles ,among myriad other crafts, each market trip was followed by a very stressful motorbike ride home, with bags of our new treasures perched precariously on our laps or squeezed around my husband's feet.

Thereafter, with each visit, our knowledge and love for the region and its crafts deepened and led us to educate ourselves about indigenous artistic traditions in other parts of the world.

Traditional Skills Meet Modern Aesthetics

We think that act of skilled hands, guided by ancestors, weaving materials into art and cloth is a remarkable and beautiful thing important to preserve. 

Many of our pieces are made using techniques practiced by indigenous communities in their region for generations upon generations. Sadly, many of these artisanal traditions are being eroded and are at risk of disappearing as artisans struggle to support themselves through their art, or younger generations are not interested in carrying them forward.

Here & There aims to honor these traditions, and the labor and skill of human hands and hearts, to bring you special, carefully crafted goods, inspired in design and in homage to the tropics.  

We are proud to bring you pieces from Indonesia, Guatemala, and Mexico, where we've partnered with individual artisans, artisan cooperatives, and small, family-owned businesses in support of traditional textile art. 

We hope that our products bring you joy and breathe a bit of the tropics into your life, even if they’re world’s away.