Blue Momos Accent Rug
Blue Momos Accent Rug

Blue Momos Accent Rug

$175 $250

Accent your home with this shaggy rug in a soothing aqua and cream color palette.  Perfectly sized for placement at the foot of your bed, or anywhere you want a pop of color. 

Available in 3x5

About this product

  • All the pieces in our Momos rug collection have been handwoven by our artisan partner in Momostenango, Guatemala
  • A truly artisanal process, each rug is woven on a pedal loom with thread spun from the wool of free-roaming sheep in the region.
  • The wool is carded and spun by hand and naturally dyed with plants. 
  • Due to the handmade nature of these pieces, no two pieces are exactly the same and might vary slightly in color and size
  • We recommend placing a high-quality rug pad beneath your high-pile rugs to secure them in place and to prevent bunching

**These rugs are beautifully made, but they're rustic and might not suit your tastes if your looking for something spotless and pristine!  Since the wool is cleaned, carded, and spun by hand from free-roaming sheep, one should expect to see small bits of plant matter embedded into the threads.**
**Our weavers do their best to clean the yarn, and we do an additional cleaning when we receive the rugs, but bits of organic matter will remain. These can be picked out with thread scissors as they appear and bits of dirt that become dislodged can be gently vacuumed on the lowest setting.**