Cabana Top Bougainvillea Jaspe
Cabana Top Bougainvillea Jaspe

Cabana Top Bougainvillea Jaspe

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Inspired by the casual holiday vibes of Cabana tops that were incorporated into men's resort wear of the 1960's, we bring you our version. 

She's slightly boxy with a wide 3/4 length sleeve. 

We like to wear ours tucked into high-waisted denim with the sleeves cuffed, or worn open-buttoned with the sleeves rolled down. 

We love the way the rich coral color plays with a more muted and subtle mustard striping in this new colorway - which might just be a new favorite! 

About this product

This cotton jaspe was handwoven by Manuel on a foot loom in Nahuala.
Jaspe (known as Ikat in other cultures) is a resist-dye technique. Threads are bound to achieve a given pattern and dipped in dye baths. The areas of bound fabric will resist the dye. Depending on the complexity of the design and number of colors used, the binding and dyeing process might be repeated numerous times.  
Once dyed and dried, the threads are arranged on the loom, which can take a week just to set up. The artisan painstakingly ensures that the threads are arranged in order so as to obtain the desired design.  This is often why ikat textiles can look blurred.

The top is hand sewn in Antigua by master sewer and patternmaker, Irma


Stephanie is 5'5 and is wearing a size XS