Mitla Rug- Dark Coral , PREORDER
Mitla Rug- Dark Coral , PREORDER
Mitla Rug- Dark Coral , PREORDER

Mitla Rug- Dark Coral , PREORDER

Dark Coral Tonal

The mitla is a very important Zapotec design that is prevalent in tapetes (traditional woven rugs) and one of the first symbols young weavers learn to execute in this region of Mexico. 

Often used as a border treatment, we love the bold look of this design as an all-over print, paired with a sophisticated tonal palette. 

The spirals on this rug represent the circle of life - life and death are always connected. 

 Most Zapotec symbols are from Zapotec ruins like the ones at Mitla. 

These are pre-ordered just for you, and, as such, will take around six weeks to make.

This is the darker colorway

As a thank you for preordering, you will enjoy free shipping once your rug is ready!

If you would like a size that is not listed, please let us know and we will most likely be able to accommodate your request. 


  • These stunning high-quality handwoven rugs are brought to you by master artisan Luis David and his family workshop, Casa Cruz. 
  • Luis and the weavers at Casa Cruz are highly skilled and are able to achieve a very tight weave - this is evident upon seeing these gorgeous rugs.
  • They are also masters of natural dyes and have an extensive library of recipes they use to achieve a veritable rainbow of colors utilizing only plants, flowers, and bugs.
  •  They are a true example of the importance and beauty of passing down indigenous knowledge and skills from generation to generation.

**These rugs are available for PREORDER**

  • As such, each rug is handmade especially for you from yarn hand dyed with plants, so they will take 6-8 weeks. 
  • Colors may vary season-to-season, batch-to-batch - but this is the nature and magic of plant dyes. They are handwoven, so size may vary slightly as well
  • When your rug is ready you will receive a shipping notification.